“El Duelo” always new, always powerful

4 06 2009

Even after so long, “El Duelo” always amazes me.  Every time.  The lyrics always reach deep inside my soul to heal, to stir, to hurt… suavemente.


“Algo Esta Cambiando”

23 07 2008

This song is very appropriate right now.  Julieta has a way of expressing important emotions in simple ways.  Algo esta Cambiando.

Julieta Venegas – NYC Summerstage 2008

Vin~a del Mar Chile.

Canciones de Club New York

14 04 2007

Este articulo va dedicado a todos aquellos que iban al Club New York al rededor del an~o 2000. Se acuerdan? Los cosmopolitans, rock en espan~ol, el olor a humo de cigarro, y bailar hasta las 4:00 de la man~ana?

Kan~as tambien tocaba el mismo tipo de musica, asi que tambien va para ustedes los que iban a Kan~as.

Se acuedan de bailar en circulo con todo el grupo y pasar el microfono… pues ok. No se emocionen en el trabajo y los vaya a cachar el jefe.

Hombres G – Devuelveme A Mi Chica

Los Prisioneros – Tren Al Sur

A Ha – Take On Me

Enanitos Verdes – Lamento Boliviano

Shakira – No Creo

Mana – Clavado En Un Bar

Molotov – Puto

La Ley – El Duelo

“Lost Without You” – Vanessa @ HUEPA

6 04 2007

Vanessa is a Mason Gross student. She sang “Lost Without You” at HUEPA last night (April 5th, 2007). The video is sorta blurry but there is a better picture of Vanessa at ScarletMambo.com (She is on the left).

Venessa and friend

Part 1.

Part 2.

Mana 2007 Concert Review – New York

21 03 2007


Mana is my favorite studio and live band. As such, I hold them to a higher standard than other bands. Their performance was a bit lacking in some aspects. I had fun because I had great company and well… also because Mana is Mana. Mana is like Pizza, even when it’s bad it’s good. So here it goes… I tell it like I see it.


The length of the concert left a lot to be desired as well. In other years, the show started promptly at 8:00pm and it finished at 11:00pm. 3 hours!!! This year, the ticket said 7:00pm but the show did not start until 8:30pm. Late! And it ended early, at 10:45pm. 2 hours and 15 minutes only!!! They could have performed five or six songs in these 45 minutes. What happened to “Corazon Espinado”, “Te Llevare Al Cielo”, and “Sabanas Frias”?

The beginning shows a short clip of Mexican immigrants jumping over the Read the rest of this entry »

Esmée Denters – Crazy Place

25 01 2007

This is the lastest song recorded by Esmée Denters.  It’s called “Crazy Place”.  The song has a little bit of a social message, especially because the video shows pictures of children in third world countries.  The girl has a good heart.

She writes her own lyrics and I presume that she composes the melody as well. But I wonder who arranges the music for her.  It’s pretty simple: a simple R&B beat, and a guitar spelling out chords.  Not bad.

John Legend “Save Room” Tablature (Chords)

22 01 2007

Ok. I had a hard time with google finding the tab for this song. So I’m posting it here for others. Cheers!

Save Room Tab by John Legend, http://www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

I’ve added an alternative Intro, based on the keyboard lick, and modified it for guitar:

E ————————————————–|
B -/12-10 ————–/12-10———————-|
G ——–12-11—-9-12——–12-11——-9——–|
D ————–12——————-10-12———-|
A ————————————————–|
E ————————————————–|


Am, G, Am, G, Am, G, C

Am                   G
Say that you stay a little
Am                    G
Don’t say bye bye tonight
Am                   G
Say you’ll be mine just a little of bit of
love Is worth a mo Read the rest of this entry »