Summer Morning

9 03 2006

Summer Morning – Copyright 2000

Acapulco Beach

16 02 2006

Acapulco Beach – March 2001

Acapulco 2001. Mexico – Copyright 2001

Church Of Holy Sepulcre

9 02 2006

Church Of Holy Sepulcre. Jerusalem, January 2000

Church of Holy Sepulcre – Copyright 2000

Winter Snoopy

7 02 2006
Winter Snoopy – February 2005
Winter Snoopy
Please meet my dog Snoopy. He is by far the coolest, most adorable, friendliest dog in the world. Good luck trying to get rid of him when he is on his please-pet-me mood. He smells really nice and he doesn’t slobber. He loves the snow and enjoys short walks in the woods or around Douglass Campus. His hobbies include barking like a madman when the doorbell rings. Snoopy also spends his personal time chasing other animals off the property as well as strange people. His aspiration is to retire to a place where there is lots of snow the whole year round. Oh yeah… and he wishes for world peace.