John Legend “Save Room” Tablature (Chords)

22 01 2007

Ok. I had a hard time with google finding the tab for this song. So I’m posting it here for others. Cheers!

Save Room Tab by John Legend, http://www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

I’ve added an alternative Intro, based on the keyboard lick, and modified it for guitar:

E ————————————————–|
B -/12-10 ————–/12-10———————-|
G ——–12-11—-9-12——–12-11——-9——–|
D ————–12——————-10-12———-|
A ————————————————–|
E ————————————————–|


Am, G, Am, G, Am, G, C

Am                   G
Say that you stay a little
Am                    G
Don’t say bye bye tonight
Am                   G
Say you’ll be mine just a little of bit of
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