Dan mes reves

16 06 2007

Dans mes rêves, tu m’as dit que tu m’aimes encore. C’est vrai?


16 06 2007

Comment est-ce que je fais pour ne penser en toi?

Je t’aime encore

16 06 2007

Je t’aime encore…

Why use gmail?

24 05 2007

You see Jim? I would have started to use gmail a lot sooner if you had sold me on the idea.

This is why I ONLY use gmail.

Bill Richardson

21 05 2007

Belle & Sebastian

12 05 2007

The following pics speak for themselves. Meet Babyface Chiquita Mia (the little furrball). You already know Snoopy (the big furrball).



Babyface Chiquita Mia is the new addition to Christy’s and Bibi’s family.


This last picture reminded me of an old cartoon I watched when I was a kid. “Belle and Sebastian”.

Belle et Sébastien is a novel by Cécile Aubry about a six year old boy called Sebastian, and his dog Belle, who live in a small mountain village on the French side of the border between France and Spain. Sebastian lives with Read the rest of this entry »

Jimbox at the NY Bike Tour

10 05 2007


This is Jimbox at the NY City Bike Tour. Apparently, some professional photographer decided to take a picture of him… waste film. Well, with digi-cams today, it is practically free. So I too decided to waste some space on my blog… free blog.

Maybe the photographer liked the bike (my bike)…

Canciones de Club New York

14 04 2007

Este articulo va dedicado a todos aquellos que iban al Club New York al rededor del an~o 2000. Se acuerdan? Los cosmopolitans, rock en espan~ol, el olor a humo de cigarro, y bailar hasta las 4:00 de la man~ana?

Kan~as tambien tocaba el mismo tipo de musica, asi que tambien va para ustedes los que iban a Kan~as.

Se acuedan de bailar en circulo con todo el grupo y pasar el microfono… pues ok. No se emocionen en el trabajo y los vaya a cachar el jefe.

Hombres G – Devuelveme A Mi Chica

Los Prisioneros – Tren Al Sur

A Ha – Take On Me

Enanitos Verdes – Lamento Boliviano

Shakira – No Creo

Mana – Clavado En Un Bar

Molotov – Puto

La Ley – El Duelo

“Lost Without You” – Vanessa @ HUEPA

6 04 2007

Vanessa is a Mason Gross student. She sang “Lost Without You” at HUEPA last night (April 5th, 2007). The video is sorta blurry but there is a better picture of Vanessa at ScarletMambo.com (She is on the left).

Venessa and friend

Part 1.

Part 2.

The Beginning and the Tone…

3 04 2007

“f**k you for not saying good bye and f**k you for not responding – you better be sleeping – thank you for the drink but I needed 4 more to get through tonight nite nite”, she wrote.

“f**k you for not noticing and f**k you for not responding – you’ve been asleep – you are welcome for the drink and I wanted to get you through last night, or any night. good morning.”, he replied.