Dan mes reves

16 06 2007

Dans mes rêves, tu m’as dit que tu m’aimes encore. C’est vrai?


16 06 2007

Comment est-ce que je fais pour ne penser en toi?

Je t’aime encore

16 06 2007

Je t’aime encore…

The Beginning and the Tone…

3 04 2007

“f**k you for not saying good bye and f**k you for not responding – you better be sleeping – thank you for the drink but I needed 4 more to get through tonight nite nite”, she wrote.

“f**k you for not noticing and f**k you for not responding – you’ve been asleep – you are welcome for the drink and I wanted to get you through last night, or any night. good morning.”, he replied.

Mana 2007 Concert Review – New York

21 03 2007


Mana is my favorite studio and live band. As such, I hold them to a higher standard than other bands. Their performance was a bit lacking in some aspects. I had fun because I had great company and well… also because Mana is Mana. Mana is like Pizza, even when it’s bad it’s good. So here it goes… I tell it like I see it.


The length of the concert left a lot to be desired as well. In other years, the show started promptly at 8:00pm and it finished at 11:00pm. 3 hours!!! This year, the ticket said 7:00pm but the show did not start until 8:30pm. Late! And it ended early, at 10:45pm. 2 hours and 15 minutes only!!! They could have performed five or six songs in these 45 minutes. What happened to “Corazon Espinado”, “Te Llevare Al Cielo”, and “Sabanas Frias”?

The beginning shows a short clip of Mexican immigrants jumping over the Read the rest of this entry »

AIDS Walk New York

20 03 2007

AIDS Banner

Support VERONICA GUEVARA in the 2007 AIDS Walk

Please help me raise funds for this very important event!
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RU Dance Team (continued)

20 02 2007

RU Dance Team


These girls are so freaking cool. It was one thing to see them at the games… but it is surprising to see that their dancing really reflects their personalities.

You can see tuesday’s clip here:

Tuesday's Show

Dance Knights

6 02 2007

Isn’t this the coolest thing? Just when I was posting a video of the Rutgers Dance team in my other blog: ScarletMambo.com.

“The Rutgers football team just completed the most memorable season in its history, and the dance team was there cheering them on at every game.


Now, these sixteen ultra-talented young women take center stage with beauty, intelligence, grace, and more than 150 years of combined dance training as they prepare for the 2007 National Championships.


Can this perennial underdog team bring home the crown this year? Join them on their journey every Monday through Friday, beginning Feb. 12.”

Join here:

John Legend “Save Room” Tablature (Chords)

22 01 2007

Ok. I had a hard time with google finding the tab for this song. So I’m posting it here for others. Cheers!

Save Room Tab by John Legend, http://www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

I’ve added an alternative Intro, based on the keyboard lick, and modified it for guitar:

E ————————————————–|
B -/12-10 ————–/12-10———————-|
G ——–12-11—-9-12——–12-11——-9——–|
D ————–12——————-10-12———-|
A ————————————————–|
E ————————————————–|


Am, G, Am, G, Am, G, C

Am                   G
Say that you stay a little
Am                    G
Don’t say bye bye tonight
Am                   G
Say you’ll be mine just a little of bit of
love Is worth a mo Read the rest of this entry »

Te lo Agradezco Pero No – Alejandro Sanz y Shakira

20 01 2007

Aqui les va unas de las mejores canciones de los ultimos an~os. Por supuesto es un dueto de Alejandro y Shakira. La cancion es simple en todo aspecto: unas congas llevando el ritmo, una guitarrita marcando los acordes, la letra que casi es prosa, pero la melodia lleva gran sentimiento que da un sabor a vino rojo en el corazon… bueno aqui va.


Acércate, que a lo mejor
no te das cuent Read the rest of this entry »