Cinco De Mayo

9 05 2006

I used to frown on how the U.S. celebrates Cinco de Mayo. The reason: there are more important holidays in Mexico. But you know what? To hell with that! I know Independence Day on September 16th and Revolution Day on November 20th are more significant. I'll celebrate those too!!! Like every year. Besides, Cinco de Mayo is also Victor's Birthday.

Amigos, I'll raise my glass, or mug of beer, to commercialized U.S. holidays and to Victor's Birthday on this and every Cinco de Mayo!

These are the pictures from this year's Cinco de Mayo at NT, of course.


Great outfit, YoungSunny !!!
Cinco de Mayo Colors!!!

These are the pics from Victor's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Victor !!!

Bailamos 2006

3 05 2006

A picture is worth 1000 words, and I have 45 pictures from Bailamos. That means that this post is worth 45,000 words. Wow… the longest post I've ever written.

Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

But wait! Which one is Lucy Liu? Am I seeing triple? Click on the link for the rest of the pictures (courtesy of Margaret a.k.a. M3). By the way, M3, can you explain why you didn't take any pictures of the DJ.

AG Field Day

1 05 2006

It was really sunny this year during AG Field Day. There was sun, and junk food (just ask Carenina), and popcorn, and music (ask me), and acrobatics, and horses, and lots of dogs (ask Snoopy), and a little bit of salsa.

88.7 WRSU-FM New Brunswick had a table at AG field day and transimitted live from there. I played a bit of Latin Pop, Salsa, and Latin Rock for an hour or so. I did my bit.

Antonia bought as many books as Jimi could carry (plus one extra for me) for $1. What else? Let's see. Oh… Lili joined us at the end of the day and she was really nice as always. Oh yeah, take a look, Carenina and I matched!! We did not plan it. We both like the color orange I guess.

Click on the links for the rest of the pictures.

More pics

RU Salsa Dance Group

27 04 2006

12 hot girls

Don't you love these 12 hot girls? You can find more pictures here:

More pictures are coming soon!!

Some Light Contruction Work

19 04 2006

Jimbo, thanks for taking these snapshots. You always get left out because you never pass the camera around. We'll get you next time.  Adam, Jim, Victor: thanks for your help that day.

Some Light Contruction


Nova Terra Snapshots

22 02 2006

Some Nova Terra Snapshots

You can see all the pictures at
Jimi’s Album (sup fool’s photos).

Jim, thanks for hosting these pics.