The Things That Two People Share When They Connect

2 11 2007

(This is a repost from March 2007, but I thought it was appropriate to bump it up.)
… Not the things that two people share, but the things that two people share when they connect. Is a relationship only about sex or an official title? What ever happened to all the hidden details? Does a painter only draw stick figures on a white background? Is a song just about the words? I want the things that are most meaningful, walks in the park at night, endless conversations into the early morning, cuddling on the couch in front of a movie, the intimacy of her innermost secrets, the smell her skin, conversations with only glances, the sense of adventure and discovery, the intimacy of a kiss on the neck, the warm air of a whisper, stealing the cold of her lips after heavy breathing, the peace of mind when you truly trust, her idiosyncrasies that turn her into something weird and wonderful, the flirting, the mutual smirks, the breaking of boundaries and the setting of new ones, the complicity of sin, the constant laughter, the refreshing feeling of the harmony of her presence, the thoughts that make you smile in her absence, the expectation of the next date, the satisfaction of her happiness, the calls in the middle of the night just because, the presence of a car waiting outside to pick you up, waiting outside to pick her up, the first two seconds after she gets in your car, a kiss under a red light, the mutual respect for each other values. …



4 responses

5 11 2007
hidden details

the secrets. the glances. the laughter. the thoughts that make you smile in her absence. it’s the perfect personal ad. or is it the perfect love letter?

27 03 2008

This is perfectly said! And just from reading your wording of it, it touches the senses 🙂

5 07 2009

i remember opening up my email and being…completely…speechless. i don’t even know if i responded. i guess i did in my own way. it just took a few weeks to get up the courage. you wrote such beautiful things.

6 10 2010

wow. this is beautiful!

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