Rutgers vs South Florida 2007

2 11 2007

I have said it before. Rutgers has been playing amazing games but this blog will not attempt to talk Sports. Dany will leave that to the pros on ESPN. (Actually, yes, I have something to say to Coach Schiano: Punter! I like Ito as a kicker but Rutgers is giving up +15 yards per punt compared to last year. 5 punts per game X +15 yards per punt = +75 yards per game that Rutgers is losing. Let Ito concentrate on kicking and bring a young talent with a strong leg. Bring another Joe Radigan). So that’s it.

Back to the game outside the game.

Rutgers Dance Team. Hip-Hop cool. Triple pirouettes even cooler. Girls bring those turns back.


The Rutgers “Non-Marching” (Because-There-Was-No-Room-to-March) Band Jams after the fans stormed the field after the game. Awww. The twirlers are looking sad because they didn’t get to do their show. I would be sad too after practicing all week long and then not being able to showcase the material.


Ben is thrown on the air after Underwood scored a TD to make it 20-17 Rutgers. This was the sweetest TD of the season, by far!!!


The Rutgers Band plays “Crazy Train” during one of those commercial breaks.



Here is a little treat:

This recording is “On the Banks of the Old Raritan”, Rutgers’ Alma Mater



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