Belle & Sebastian

12 05 2007

The following pics speak for themselves. Meet Babyface Chiquita Mia (the little furrball). You already know Snoopy (the big furrball).



Babyface Chiquita Mia is the new addition to Christy’s and Bibi’s family.


This last picture reminded me of an old cartoon I watched when I was a kid. “Belle and Sebastian”.

Belle et Sébastien is a novel by Cécile Aubry about a six year old boy called Sebastian, and his dog Belle, who live in a small mountain village on the French side of the border between France and Spain. Sebastian lives with his adopted grandfather, sister, and brother, as his mother a Rom was forced to leave Sebastian behind while trying to cross the border on Saint Sebastian‘s day. The series, better known in the Anglosphere as Belle and Sebastian, was made into a French live-action television series in 1965, and a Japanese anime version nearly two decades later.

Originally known as “Meiken Jolie”, “Belle and Sebastian” was a Japanese/French cartoon produced in 1981. It ran on Nickelodeon from 1984 to 1991. Over the course of the series, Sebastian and his two dogs, Belle and Poochie, travel through Spain, Italy and France, looking for his mother. Along the way they meet interesting people and are chased by the police who believe Belle to be dangerous. In reality, Belle is gentle, but only Sebastian realizes this as he is the only one willing to get to know her.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words! Sebastian, Belle and Poochie.


And since a video is worth a million words, here is the introduction theme of Belle and Sebastian.

As a kid, I must have cried of few times while watching the series. The following to videos are part 2/3 and part 3/3 of the first episode.

Here is the introduction theme to the 1965 TV adaptation of the novel.

It took me a about three months to make the selection and adoption of Snoopy (Great Pyrenees). My decision was largely influenced by this cartoon. Doesn’t Belle look like Snoopy?



3 responses

12 05 2007
Dany J

These are the lyrics of the TV Intro Theme

Belle, tu es si belle
Qu’en te voyant
Je t’ai aimée
Belle que j’aime tant
Depuis longtemps
Je t’attendais
Souviens-toi du temps où tu venais
Chaque soir pour me rencontrer
Tu passais si belle que j’en rêvais
Tu le sais, mon amie, je t’aimais
Belle, oh ma si Belle
Tu t’en allais, sans m’écouter
Belle je t’attendrai
Pendant longtemps
Tu es si belle

Belle que j’aime tant
Je t’attendrai
En te rêvant
Puis un jour, un jour tu passeras
Près de moi, la Belle tu viendras
Nous ferons alors si tu le veux
Ce jour là, le beau voyage à deux

Belle si tu le veux
Nous serons deux
Nous serons deux

12 07 2008

Do you know where I can find the print/book of “Belle et Sebastien” by Cecile Aubry?

3 01 2009

This was the coolest cartoon. I used to watch it on Nickelodeon while eating my morning cocoa kispies cereal before going to school.
I wish someone would start showing it again!

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