RU stands for Rutgers Unity

13 11 2006

By: Dany J.

Last Thursday night, the Rutgers Football team did something never done before. Yes, the team beat then-N0. 3 ranked Louisville. Yes, the team came back from an 18-point deficit to score the winning field goal with 11 seconds remaining. Yes, it was all televised by prime time ESPN for millions of fans to watch. But the real accomplishment of this Rutgers Football program has little to do with football and everything to do with Rutgers. Never has this university been more united than last Thursday night. Never have students and alumni been any prouder to wear a Rutgers sweatshirt. Sure Rutgers is ranked top-ten in all ranking polls, but more importantly Rutgers is now ranked No. 1 in the hearts of all New Jersians.


For one whole night 44,111 people were united by a two-letter chant – “R U”. Thousands more watched from crowded local bars, emulating the same euphoric atmosphere as in the stadium. Students, alumni, faculty, staff and the local community walked together in masses across the Raritan River bridges to be part of, arguably, the best party Rutgers has ever seen.

Long gone are the days when New Jersey high school students considered Rutgers as their fall-back college choice. Those students knew that Rutgers was a good school, but they did not really believe it. Everyone believes now! This football team created an army of believers. Even the most skeptical and cynical have defected and joined this army.

To the loyal fans that have weathered one losing season after another, this is as close as you get to heaven without leaving earth. Grown men cried before kick-off, not able to believe that they had lived long enough to see this day. After the final whistle , young students cried tears of redemption in hopes that they would wash their sins away.

My neighbor, Bob, eighty-seven years old, has been a New Brunswick resident all his life. He recounted his childhood stories of when he used to sneak into the Rutgers games in Neilson Field – now the site of Alexander Library and Brower Commons. He was allowed to seat on a fence at one of the end-zones. That was before 1938, when the home of Rutgers Football was moved to the current stadium site. In almost seventy years, Bob has never seen a night like this. He never heard the roar of the stadium from two miles away just across the river. He never saw the top of the Empire State building turn scarlet red.


Thanks to a football team, Rutgers is united and proud to march upstream against any other University in this country. We believe now! We are all proud to wear a scarlet letter across our chests.

The letter R.




4 responses

14 11 2006
Veronica Guevara

Wow, you’ve put it so well… I’m a Rutgers alumni and I have never seen such enthusiasm, pride, and camaraderie!!!

It’s amazing how this game has united so many… For days all I kept hearing was chatter about the game, the plays, etc… Even folks that live in PA and who aren’t Rutgers alumni spoke of Rutgers and NJ with such pride…

Very nice words!!!

Go Rutgers!!!

15 11 2006

i was in vegas for the game. sports betting is legal there.
rutgers made me $137,234. go rutgers!!

16 11 2006
Carla Camargo

Dany. That made me cry, seriously. I’m at work and my eyes are all welled up. =T I was always proud to go to RU. The only difference is that now people don’t look at me funny when I say I graduated from there. Those ignorant little………… GREAT article, though. =)

17 11 2006
Dany J

Carla, I made you cry? Awww… I was crying when I wrote this piece.

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