South Padre Island

8 06 2006

What can you say about 5 days in a Texas beach? beach, sun, beer, food, salsa, more beach, sun, dancing, drinks, pool, more beer, salsa parties and jacuzzi.

1. McDonalds is not real food
2. The sea buffet will find you, eventually
3. Baby-Daddy is not a reggaeton singer
4. Only girls are allowed to swap bathing suits
5. You can dance to salsa anywhere, even at the beach and at the airport
6. 4 hours in the sun can turn you from white to pink
7. Cesar's lotion with SPF 1500 really works
8. 5 cameras is enough
9. Strobelight honeys are not beach honeys
10. Knowing how to dance On2 and On1 is not the same as dacing On1.5




2 responses

8 06 2006
Dany J

I forgot:
11. Don’t hold your breath for “The Wave”

9 06 2006
young sun

hahaha i love it specially no.9 hahahahahaha
oh and no.4 is not true but some ppl arent THAT free spirited hehe 😛

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