New York City Marathon

9 05 2006

I have officially applied to take part in the New York City Marathon, November 5th, 2006!!!

After a lottery in mid-June, I will know if I will run alongside another 35,000 participants. The training for the marathon takes several months. In the 1st training phase, I need to build my weekly mileage base to around 34 miles, then comes the 2nd training phase, in which I will work up to a 22-mile long run! This means that by July 1st, I should be running 34 miles per week.

If I'm accepted, my total cost will be a whooping non-refundable cost of $142. I can buy quite a few things with that sum of money. My grandmother would say, "142 dollars? What?!? That's 142 reasons NOT to run." I sat motionless in front of the computer for a few minutes thinking… what if I get injured while training, what if I get discouraged, what if I get bored, what if I get too busy. I could not decide. I needed advice.

Then it hit me!!! I called my friend Jimmy Davis. He lives in California, so I knew he would be awake (it was midnight here in NJ). Jimmy recently ran the Big Sur International Marathon in which he placed 229 out of 2,947 runners with a CHIP time of 03:37 hours. This is a great result for a rookie! Anyway, I needed his opinion. I had not spoken to him in over a year.

"Hello?", he answered.

"Hey Jim, Dany here." I greeted with a hurried tone.

"Heeey, man!, how's everything?" he said warmly, but he had no time to go on because I was already getting to the point.

"Good. Listen. I'm thinking about applying for the NYC marathon, but don't know if I…."

"Yeah, you should do man!!", he interrupted.

So I was convinced.




2 responses

10 05 2006

go dany!!

if you need inspiration while training i’ll wear a border patrol uniform and label my truck w/ INS emblems and follow you around. i holla out the window w/ a megaphone saying “la migra!”

btw- debes escuchar a tu abuelita siempre.

10 05 2006
Dany J

That this really messed u Jimbox. I don’t go around saying bad things about your people… =P

Are you reading this, Antonia?

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