Cinco De Mayo

9 05 2006

I used to frown on how the U.S. celebrates Cinco de Mayo. The reason: there are more important holidays in Mexico. But you know what? To hell with that! I know Independence Day on September 16th and Revolution Day on November 20th are more significant. I'll celebrate those too!!! Like every year. Besides, Cinco de Mayo is also Victor's Birthday.

Amigos, I'll raise my glass, or mug of beer, to commercialized U.S. holidays and to Victor's Birthday on this and every Cinco de Mayo!

These are the pictures from this year's Cinco de Mayo at NT, of course.


Great outfit, YoungSunny !!!
Cinco de Mayo Colors!!!

These are the pics from Victor's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Victor !!!



2 responses

10 05 2006

sell out.

un verdadero mexicano sabe que el cinco de mayo es una fiesta de gringos. te olvidaste tus raizes.

10 05 2006
Dany J

De gringos Y tambien de Poblanos!!!

No problem. I can celebrate Cinco de Mayo too. Just gotta make believe it’s September 16th.

Antonia, are you reading this??? Girl, you gotta lay down the law with your man. Somebody needs to educate him. El tenia pies educados pero hay que educarle el cerebro tambien.

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