AG Field Day

1 05 2006

It was really sunny this year during AG Field Day. There was sun, and junk food (just ask Carenina), and popcorn, and music (ask me), and acrobatics, and horses, and lots of dogs (ask Snoopy), and a little bit of salsa.

88.7 WRSU-FM New Brunswick had a table at AG field day and transimitted live from there. I played a bit of Latin Pop, Salsa, and Latin Rock for an hour or so. I did my bit.

Antonia bought as many books as Jimi could carry (plus one extra for me) for $1. What else? Let's see. Oh… Lili joined us at the end of the day and she was really nice as always. Oh yeah, take a look, Carenina and I matched!! We did not plan it. We both like the color orange I guess.

Click on the links for the rest of the pictures.

More pics




3 responses

5 05 2006

great day, great pics.

wish i was there. wait… i was there.

5 05 2006

i love the “sunset” feature of your camera. i love how it puts a pretty orangey sunset horizon in every picutre even if it didnt really have one. your camera must’ve been really expensive!

makes me wanna go out and get a new digi-camera w/ this feature. 🙂

10 05 2006
Dany J

You like the feature? This feature is called “My-little-sister-touched-it” effect. Just let my sis borrow it and she’ll do it your camera, well, to the camera that you had.

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