Some Light Contruction Work

19 04 2006

Jimbo, thanks for taking these snapshots. You always get left out because you never pass the camera around. We'll get you next time.  Adam, Jim, Victor: thanks for your help that day.

Some Light Contruction




2 responses

5 05 2006

why would i wanna be on the other side of the camera when there’s such hot burly men to be photoraphed?

all i can say is “HOT, HOT, HOT!” you’re just lucky my camera’s battery ran out before you and adam started playing “naked spakling.”

21 07 2006
hi ,i like your job you are doiing

can you please give me little advice , where to learn the job you are doing , do i have to go to skill school to learn that kind of job ,co;z i am really very interested doing renewvation of old house and interior jobs. right now i am doing land scaping job but it is also not bad . can you give me little idea about your work.
i am in toronto ….. thank you,this is my address

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