No More Spam – How? SpamGourmet

22 02 2006

Am I the only email user with the frustration of finding an inbox full of spam? Damn, Spammers! I hate them! Well, there is a tool I have been using lately to fight back. It’s called SpamGourmet (Jimi, thanks for the tip).

In a few words, it’s a service that lets you create disposable email addresses on the go. These addresses have the option to self-destruct after 20 emails. You can create as many as you want. SpamGourmet forwards all emails to your real email address. If at any point you start getting spammed, all you have to do is disable that disposable address. Simple.

In fewer words, spammers never get a hold of your real address!

These are my two cents for a better world. Are you proud me, Jimbox?




One response

22 02 2006

ah- my young padawan, you have grown..

knowledge is most powerful when it is shared. you have learned this lesson well.

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