Why Stories? Why Short? Why Six?

6 02 2006

Hola. The aswers to these questions will become obvious in the months to come. Right now I’m not able to articulate coherent answers, even to myself. But in time, I will make sense of all the thoughts and dilemas that have been swirling in my head.




2 responses

22 02 2006
Veronica Guevara

I agree that Snoopy is the best doggie ever!

The first time I slept over Dany’s house Snoopy didn’t want me to be scared of sleeping in the living room by myself, so he kept me company. At times he placed his paw on me to reassure me that he was there to protect me… He’s my HERO!

In support of Snoopy’s plan for World Peace, a bunch of us went to see The Dali Lama this past year and wrote down very detailed notes for him to study… Since then Snoopy is a different person… What a great boy he is! Snoopy, I’m certain Dali is so proud of you… Keep up the good work!

22 02 2006
Dany J

you silly ass. You left a comment for Snoopy on the wrong post. Duhh! You have to click on the corresponding “leave comment” link. I still love you, and Snoopy too.

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